Jazz Dance

What is Jazz Dance?

With origins in Africa, jazz dance is an experimental and fluid style of dance with influences from almost everywhere. Throughout the decades, jazz has seen ongoing transformation and heavy influence from choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Fred Astaire and Jack Cole, Broadway, film and shows such as So You Think You Can Dance.

The 1940s saw jazz dance meld with classical ballet and modern dance styles, and evolve into the limitless style performed today. Jazz is now enjoyed across diverse performance platforms such as cruise ships, touring dance companies and cabaret lounges.

Jazz movements place a strong emphasis on the ‘up’ and ‘down’ beats of music. Jazz dances is full of energy, grit and power. Successful jazz dancers today need versatility and a strong technical foundation developed through classical ballet training.  With this foundation, jazz dancers have the ability to move quickly, adapt to cherography styles and create their performance ability.

The Jazz Dance Program at Danzart

Danzart Studio teaches an extensive range of jazz styles within our jazz classes, which is available to all students, from five years of age to pre-professional. As one of the most popular style options, our extensively trained teachers are experts in teaching the technical and stylized fundamentals of the jazz style.

At Danzart Studio, our jazz classes are fast paced, technically grounded and continually evolving with the jazz industry. It is an energetic style which combines dance fitness, technique and chorography, and stimulates a student’s mind and body.

To trail a jazz class at Danzart Studio, click here to find out more. All experience levels and age ranges are welcomed at Danzart Studio.