Dance Styles

Danzart's accredited program, founded over 20 years ago, provides many styles and technique options for a range of ages and abilities.

The Danzart syllabus offers extensive tuition for a variety of ages in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary and Tap, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Stretch & Conditioning and Private Tuition.

These dance styles are explored in more detail below. Continue reading our guide to find you or your child's best-fit dance style.

  • Classical Ballet

    5 Years to Advanced Levels

    "Our students love doing their best, working towards and achieving their goals."
    Katrina George
    Ballet Teacher

    Opportunities for both the young enthusiastic dancer and aspiring professional student are available in our Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. We offer private coaching and open classes for boys and girls from primary to advanced levels. Students at the required age and standard are invited to complete exams.

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    RAD Ballet Exam Opportunities

  • Lyrical & Contemporary

    7 Years to Senior and Pre-Professional

    “The freedom of the contemporary style always leaves dancers with that certain ‘feel good’ emotion”
    Meghan Hansen
    Lyrical and Contemporary Teacher

    Influenced by classical ballet and modern dance, contemporary extends classical boundaries, offering the dancer emotional freedom and expression through movement.

    Contemporary dance classes are full of creativity and encourage versatility and improvisation.

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    CSTD Jason Winters Contemporary Exam Opportunities

  • Private Tuition

    6 Years to Senior

    Danzart offers private tuition for solo competitions and in classical ballet, jazz tap and contemporary.

    Our team of dedicated and highly regarded private coaches extend dance training through weekly group classes and private instruction. Dancers will find they improve their technique, passion and confidence through one on one attention. Private lessons help for a deeper understanding of style and allow for extra feedback.

  • Jazz Styles

    6 Years to Senior and Pre-Professional

    “Developing and teaching technique whilst watching  students perform fun, upbeat moves and watching the smiles on their faces is why I love my job”
    Kimberley Tai
    Jazz Teacher

    This energetic, fast-paced dance combines popular music with strong and dynamic movement. It’s a modern and energetic dance style for all ages including challenging progressions and choreography combinations.  Jazz at Danzart covers everything from musical theatre to commercial jazz.

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    CSTD Jazz Exam Opportunities

  • Stretch & Conditioning

    7 Years to Senior

    Stretch & Conditioning

    “Keeping bodies well-conditioned, strong and flexible is key to dance”
    Katrina George
    Strength and Conditioning Teacher

    We incorporate a variety of exercises in our stretch & conditioning program to help improve core stability, muscle memory, flexibility and strength.

    Danzart is dedicated to providing strength training for dancers to help prevent injuries and improve performance.  

  • Musical Theatre

    7 Years to Senior

    “This is super fun, creative and energetic class! Students build confidence, make new friends and step out of their comfort zone”
    Katyia Willis
    Musical Theatre Teacher

    Musical theatre class teaches students the art of stage performance through singing, dancing and acting. This method teaches choreography in the style of Broadway productions allowing students to express themselves beyond just dance.

    CSTD Theatrical Exam Opportunities

  • Acrobatics

    5 Years to Senior

    “This class is great for building strength and flexibility”
    Casey Bushell
    Acro Teacher

     This fun class teaches students to tumble and bend and learn general acrobatic skills including backflips, layouts, aerials and walkovers. Students develop strength and flexibility while emphasis is placed on extensive conditioning, stretch and strength training. Acrobatics offers more depth and variety and creates a more versatile dancer. All our acrobatic teachers are fully certified in the acrobatic art syllabus.

  • Hip Hop

    6 Years to Senior

    “Hip hop students love to improvise and have fun”
    Paris Jones
    Hip Hop Teacher

    A fusion of jazz and street dancing, hip hop includes a wide range of styles, most notably breaking, locking and popping. A popular, fun and energising form of dance, hip hop is one of the few disciplines where personal style and creativity are considered very important. 

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  • Tap

    5 Years to Senior and Pre-Professional

    "Our tap students love making noise! They get to work as a team and create sound together”
    Tayla Lordan
    Tap Teacher

    Tap is a fun, technical and rhythmically challenging style of dance. 

    Danzart incorporates the latest street tap styles into our regular tap classes. Tap is a great foundation for hip hop. The style develops a great sense of rhythm and timing. It requires to focus on the constant change in movement and recalling steps and patterns.

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    CSTD Tap Exam Opportunities

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Danzart is a dance school located in Seven Hills,  South East Brisbane.  We've been serving the communities of Seven Hills, Bulimba, Camp Hill, Carina, Carindale, Coorparoo, Hawthorne, Morningside and Norman Park for over 20 years.

We specialise in training dancers both professionally and recreationally in Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Acrobatics.  Offering CSTD and RAD exams. Click here for our timetable

Danzart is also the home of the outstanding Pre-School Dance program Tiny Movers introducing toddlers and kindy children to the magic of Music, Creative Movement, Ballet and Jazz.

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