Tap Dance

What is Tap Dance?

Tap is a rhythmical dance style that is both percussive and expressive. In tap, dancers create audible sounds by wearing shoes that have small metal taps secured to the base of both the heel and toe taps. Tap is loved for its expressive nature; just like playing an instrument, in tap the noise created is essential to the performance.

With roots globally, tap has been linked to the the traditional clog styles of the British Isles, African dance and the Irish American dance styles. Throughout the decades tap has continued to be molded and shaped.

The Tap Dance Program at Danzart

At Danzart Studio, tap dance is a dynamic, aerobic class where students are able to fully express themselves and create the noise to show it! Tap is great for building coordination, balance, flexibility and strength, particularly in the legs and feet.

Our tap classes teach a variety of tap styles including broadway tap, rhythmical tap, classical tap and beyond. At Danzart, our tap classes combine the physical challenge of the style with the mental challenge of the rhythmical steps. The beauty of tap class is that anyone can do it; no matter the age or fitness level, tap is a dance style adaptable for all.

To trail a tap dance at Danzart Studio, click here to find out more. All experience levels and age ranges are welcomed at Danzart Studio.