Hip Hop

What is Hip Hop?

Hip hop, as known as street dance, is a broad, soulful style of dance which has evolved alongside hip hop culture. Hip hop was initially born in the streets of The Bronx, New York in the 1970s and has since continued to evolve.

Spotlighted in TV shows across America and beyond, the style found main stream popularity in the 70s and 80s. That initial exposure lead hip hop to the now well known, fast-paced, vibrant style performed today. At the core, hip hop is about self expression, achieved through a combination of freestyle movements based on popping, locking and breaking.

Today, hip hop can be seen in both studio settings and outdoor spaces, and is typically performed to up-beat, hip hop music. Hip hop has also heavily influenced jazz styles, and birthed the fusion known as jazz funk. Hip hop, however, is a less technical style than the jazz funk fusion.

The Hip Hop Dance Program at Danzart

Hip hop classes at Danzart Studio are fun, energetic and dynamic! Our expert hip hop teachers bring their industry experience and knowledge to our hip hop curriculum, teaching the latest styles, moves and trends in our classes.

In every class, hip hop students learn how to express themselves and let their personailty shine, learn the fundamental techniques of hip hop, and are equipped with the confidence to perform, both in the classroom setting and at our end of year concert performance.

To trail a hip hop class at Danzart Studio, click here to find out more. All experience levels and age ranges are welcomed at Danzart Studio.